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Web Application and Database Development

Anything Is Possible

Williams Web Solutions build web applications that work and work well. It takes more than an attractive interface for a website application to function properly; it takes a solid foundation and structure to ensure that all components work together as they're supposed to.

Our development is coded and built to be scalable and work regardless of our audience or employee size. And because security is always a concern, we not only create secured data but can implement secure access to the application and the data.

So whether you're looking for a turn-key solution, for us to maintain your existing application or database, or redevelopment an obsolete web application, Williams Web Solutions can offer what you need. All of our development is in house--no outsourcing/offshoring with us.


DocuServ™ is a web-based application that allows documents—DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, XLSX, and TXT—to be uploaded into the application and searched. Within moments of the documents uploaded into the application, all the typed text on any of the documents is indexed into the database. When a user searches for a name, address, any search criterion, the application displays a list of the documents containing that typed text and an accuracy score based on the likelihood of a particular document being your desired document.

Depending on your level of security/confidentiality, the web-application can include an SSL and storage of the data encrypted in the database.

This application is great for county and state offices, law firms, accounting offices, medical facilities, and anyone else who would store or could need to store large amounts of paper documents electronically and require a search capability. This web-application is also mobile/tablet friendly.

Developers Are Standing By

Need a quote on a web application, migration or work on an existing database, or anything else? Give us a some information for your needs and let us help!